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Bleach- Aizen and Gin

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Gin Ichimaru
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Added 9/5/2011
Updated 3/8/2014
He witnessed Sōsuke Aizen (then a lieutenant) with a group of Soul Reapers stealing spirit energy from members of the Roukon district, and feeding that energy into Aizen's incomplete Hōgyoku, and Rangiku Matsumoto was a victim, as he saw her lying on the ground, almost lifeless . It was this act that Gin used as a reason to enter the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, and also why he wished to protect Aizen: he wished to be the only one to kill him to revenge him for hurting Rangiku Matsumoto. This act has Gin shown that he dearly; loved and cares for her; apologizing to her before his death. It's also said that he entrusted and believed in Ichigo and died.

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