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Bleach- Aizen and Gin

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Gin Ichimaru
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Added 9/5/2011
Updated 3/8/2014
Gin's personality is aloof and sarcastic, and seems to be the type of person who likes to rile other people up - not because of what he says, but rather, because of what he doesn't say. Gin is someone who can insult you without actually uttering anything but pleasantries. Early on he is played up to be the antagonist of the series, and many characters comment that they feel uneasy around him. Gin is almost always shown with a large self satisfied grin on his face, no matter the situation, only dropping it when he must feign concern, or he is confused. Gin is shown to be a childhood friend of Rangiku Matsumoto and Gin's defect from causes her considerable confusion and emotional hurt. It is eventually shown that Gin is not so bad after all, but merely determined and a little misguided.

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