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Fushigi Yuugi - TAKA* OVA

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A year after the events of Fushigi Yuugi, Tamahome is pulled back into the book and is sent on a complicated ride through illusion, confusion, and betrayal. Meanwhile, Yui is acting oddly and Miaka is heartbroken over the loss of Tamahome, while Keisuke and Tetsuya try to discover what is going on with the book.

 I'm back in Konan...

 Lord Nakago...

 Nakago Tamahome fighting the bandits

 Jewels of Memory...?

 Welcome...come in

 Bye...ha, ha

 Taka, immmm so happy to see you...


 MIAKA !!!!

 Boushin, forgive me, I am...I am a terrible father

 You are my most precious treasure...

 Miaka, get away from me.

 It's alright...

 Tenkou !

 Tenkou !

 Do you really believe your human?

 Taski ?

 Hey, where are Miaka and Taka? It's funny I haven't seen Taski either
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